Macraigor Systems is a leading supplier of BDM / JTAG connection solutions for onchip debugging of 32 and 64-bit embedded microprocessors. Macraigor Systems’ solutions are designed for price-sensitive customers. These solutions include a suite of software tools which supports Windows 9x, NT, ME, XP, Linux and Solaris host systems. Macraigor Systems supports all major embedded microprocessor architectures, including AMD, ARM, ColdFire, CPU32 Series, PowerPC, MIPS, and the XScale microarchitecture.


Validator is a programmable controller that manages functional testing through JTAG interfaces. Test Solution development tools include hardware debug and test language debug. Management tools adapt test cases to the board/CPU being tested, execute part or all of the test suite and records results to files. It is fully functional with a file size limit and a limit on the number of operations.


This DLL and set of 19 .EXEs give you access to the OCDemon run control functionality. This lets you create your own .BAT file, DELPHI, Visual Basic or MSC++ 6.0 application for system test. The following functions are available via the MSDOS command line, .bat file, or TargetAccess.DLL method call: ResetAndRunTarget, DownloadImage, RunFromAddress, StopTarget, Read/WriteTargetMemory, Read/WriteRegister, RAM Test, GetRunStatus.


A batch version of the Flash Programmer. The batch version gives you access to the flash programmer’s functionality via EXEs or DLL method calls. This lets you create your own .BAT file, DELPHI, Visual Basic, or MSC++ 6.0 application for your production line Flash programming.


This application lets you program your Flash EEPROM devices via the On-Chip Debug connector (BDM or JTAG) on your target system.


Macraigor Systems’ mpDemon™ provides the embedded systems developer with the most advanced and intelligent target available for target on-chip debugging. The mpDemon™ supports the widest range of target chips on the market as well as the Macraigor Systems’ API, a software interface used by most of the popular host debuggers.


This is the one and only Wiggler. It is a parallel port interface for either JTAG or BDM debugging. Slower than a Raven, it is however a stable, easy to use device and fully compatible with all of Macraigor software.


This is a parallel port interface for JTAG or BDM debugging. It is faster than a Wiggler and can run at a clock speed of 8 MHz.