TPT Overview & Features

PIKETEC TPT: Test and verify embedded control software

PIKETEC specialists for testing embedded control software are committed to providing the best functional testing platform to suite all development phases of control software. PIKETEC’s TPT is the user-friendly tool suite for functional testing of embedded control software. With TPT test cases can be modelled graphically or generated automatically, for example from Simulink models or from C-code. Even complex tests are easy to model and to maintain. TPT assists you with creating appropriate assessment rules to evaluate your test results. TPT generates test reports, links tests with requirements, interacts with tons of development tools, handles safety standards and much, much more.

With TPT, you can test ECU software and embedded control systems in all development phases such as Model-in-the-loop (MiL testing), Software-in-the-loop (SiL testing), Processor-in-the-loop (PiL testing), Hardware-in-the-loop (HiL testing), ECU testing and vehicle testing. Whether you create a simple module test or a complex system test: TPT provides unique features to create those tests intuitively and flexibly.

Safety standard directives can be satisfied while testing with TPT up to the highest safety level. Relevant standards, such as ISO26262, are well supported.

TPT supports all testing activities from test case design/generation, test execution, test assessment and reporting, as well as test management and requirements traceablility.

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