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  • Trusted, German based, privately owned, independent company.
  • Embedded development tools are the core business.
  • An average 25% revenue growth year over year.
  • Open source compiler technology.
  • Major Embedded Platform supplier in automotive & industrial.

  • Highly reliable, safe and secure tools
  • Focus on multi-core/many-core next generation architecture
  • Best services, collaboration with semiconductor vendors and 3rd parties.
  • Strong in-house R&D activities, building upon OSS.
  • Guarantee long-term product availability and support commitment.
  • Vision and Mission.

HighTec Core Products

Development Platform

C/C++ Compiler suites for automotive and industrial

Development PlatformC/C++ compiler suites for automotive and industrial

HighTec's multi-architecture and multi-core C/C++ compiler suite with leading optimization technology

Supporting market leading microcontrollers for automotive and industrial applications, such as TriCore, AURIX, AURIX 2G, Power Architecture (PowerPC), ARM and RH850

Support of architecture specific function blocks like GTM/MCS and HSM module through dedicated C compilers

Attractive product bundles, e.g. toolset of TriCore compiler combined with GTM/MCS compiler

Eclipse IDE with extended project settings and graphical interface for linker description configuration, and easily extendable for debugger integration

Key features of the Safety Multi-core Development Suite

  • HighTec leading optimization technology.
  • Advanced multi-core support at linker level.
  • Customer-specific Frozen Versions.
  • Long-term maintenance & availability.
  • Advanced bug scanning support.
  • Hide-and-visibility concept - interfaces between cores on linker level.
  • The proprietary solution for migrating to multi-core.
  • Application code can be ported to multi-core without source code modification.
  • Proven software can be easily migrated to multi-core silicon.
  • Based on linker level (ISO and EABI compliant) - a proprietary solution for migrating to multi-core.
  • Support of homogenous and heterogeneous Multi-Core architectures.

Toolset features

  • Advanced Multi-core support through easy configuration
  • Latest compiler and linker optimization strategies
  • Code compaction (reverse inlining)
  • Global optimization strategies
  • C++ compiler generates intermediate code instead of C code, enabling further optimizations
  • Industry shortest (compile-link) build times, optimizing license investments
  • Module-based grouping of data to minimize load address operation
  • Option control per file and source code fragments
  • Optimized for Auto-Coding
  • CPU functional problem support (incl. workarounds and code checks)
  • IDE with project wizard and pre-configured board support packages
  • Commercial standard and math libraries (no open source, no viral GPL implication)
  • Based on industry-standard compiler technologies for highest code portability
  • Compliant to all relevant industry/coding C/C++/IEEE/ISO/EABI standards, incl. all main C++14 features
  • Extremely stable and reliable code-generation, proven in use in many safety-critical automotive applications
  • Toolsets contain C compiler, C++ compiler, assembler, linker, IDE and various utilities
  • Long-term support, frozen-version toolset support, advanced bug scanning compilers, and maintenance service
  • AUTOSAR MCAL driver support (including sales and on-site training)
  • Used by leading Tier1 and OEM, in automotive and industrial markets
  • Used by semiconductor manufacturers to continuously run HW validation tests
  • User-friendly license use models and license-caching for fast builds over distributed networks
  • Host support for Windows and Linux, other platforms on request
  • Supported by all leading third party tool vendors
Advanced Multi-Core Support


  • Supporting all AURIX 2G TC3xx, AURIX TC2xx and TriCore TC1xx variants
  • C compilers for HSM and PCP
  • C compiler for GTM/MCS (New v3.0 release (2019) available)
  • Attractive compiler bundles supporting the various cores
  • SIMD and FPU support
  • Small data area optimation
  • SAT instructions and pipeline optimization
  • Position Independent Code (PIC) and Data (PID)
  • Addressing modes: absolute, register relative, circular
  • Unique Qkit ISO26262 validation suite for ASIL D certification
  • Multi-core PXROS-HR SIL-3 real-time operating-system, optimized for AURIX
  • Infineon Preferred Design House, as sole compiler vendor
  • Sales/support/training partner for Infineon MCAL and SafeTlib

Power Architecture

  • STMicroelectronics SPC56x, SPC57x, SPC58x
  • NXP Qorivva MPC56xx, MPC57xx, MPC58xx
  • Supporting VLS, SAT, LSP and pipeline optimized dual issue
  • Mix of NON-VLE and VLE var. length encoding instructions
  • Legacy NON-VLE to equivalent VLE code translation
  • Small Data Pointer functionality: about 20% code and run-time improvement
  • SSIMD and FPU support
  • C compiler for GTM/MCS (New v3.0 release (2019) available)
  • Position Independent Code (PIC) and Data (PID)
  • Sales and support partner for AUTOSAR libraries from STMicroelectronics


  • High-speed floating-point unit (FPU)
  • C compiler for GTM/MCS
  • Inter-procedural optimizations
  • Multiple-Memory Models: Normal data, Small data, Zero data and tiny data


  • New: support of Cortex Mx/Rx/Ax (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • New: Announced partner for Stellar MCU series by STMicroelectronics
  • Auto-Vectorizer and Advanced Neon instructions (SIMD)
  • Adaptive AUTOSAR support (C++14)
  • Link-time optimization
  • Pipe-line optimization R52/A53
  • Shared library support
  • Thumb2 instruction set
  • VFP support
  • Expressive diagnostics with meaningful error messages and fit-it hints
  • Cortex M3/M4 support (incl. AURIX HSM)
  • C compiler for GTM/MCS (New v3.0 release (2019) available)


C compiler supports GTM/MCS v3 and v4 core level and derivatives like:

  • Infineon AURIX 2G - TC3xx series
  • STMicroelectronics SPC58NE84E7, SPC58NE84C3
  • NXP MPC5777M, MPC58xx
  • Renesas RH850/P1H-C, RH850/P1M-C
  • and upcoming variants with v3.5 or v4.0 GTM core levels

The Assembler supports all core levels of the GTM/MCS (V1 and later)

HighTec's C/C++ compilers for AURIX, Power Architecture and ARM do include the GTM/MCS assembler in the delivery. The C compiler for GTM/MCS is optionally available as standalone solution, or as part of attractive bundles with the C/C++ compilers for the mentioned microcontrollers.

Qkit – Compiler Qualification Kit

For Safety Critical Applications

  • Automated qualification process and document generation.
  • Model-based approach.

Library Qkit – ISO26262 Qualification

ASIL-D Qualification of C/C++ Libraries

The ISO 26262 standard requires for ASIL-D the qualification of tools (see chapter 8.11) and a qualification of software components like C/C++ libraries of a compiler (see chapter 8.12).

The ISO 26262 standards defines a software tool (see definition I-1.124) e.g. compiler as computer program used in the development. HighTec performs the tool qualification (see ISO26262 ASIL-D Qkit) with a TÜV certified methodology (provided by Validas AG) which is compliant to chapter 8-11.

The requirements of the qualification of libraries e.g. C/C++ (software components) differ compared to the qualification of tools. The following graphic illustrates the main differences of requirements.
The following graphic illustrates the basic work-flow of the certification process.

The Library Qkit enables users to perform standard compliant qualification in a simple and easy way, supporting qualification up to ISO26262 ASIL D.

Library Qkit is available for multiple architectures, such as TriCore/Aurix, ARM and Power Architecture. To request more detailed information about Library Qkit, please contact us.


PXROS - Real-time OS for TriCore and AURIX

PXROS-HR is SIL3 and ASIL D Safety Approved

PXROS-HR is an object oriented real-time operating-system (RTOS) with a very modern micro-kernel and outstanding features, especially suited for deployment on advanced multi-core MCUs. The latest version of PXROS-HR improves the concepts of encapsulation and robustness by using fine granular hardware protection mechanisms (MPU), available in modern micro-controllers like the AURIX.

The PXROS-HR operating-system for TriCore has been officially safety approved. HighTec received the certificate confirming the fitness of PXROS-HR for safety-related applications up to SIL 3 (IEC61508) and ASIL D (ISO 26262).

PXROS-HR is developed with the HighTec C/C++ compiler for TriCore/AURIX and best suited for industrial applications, as well as automotive applications where safety is key. The RTOS integrates with Infineon's MCAL and SafeTlib software frameworks, while being non-AUTOSAR based and highly optimized for the TriCore architecture, providing multi-core support for the AURIX family.

Safety Multi-core Real-time OS

  • Multi-core real-time microkernel.
  • Message-based inter-task communication.
  • MPU protected data and code.
  • Interrupt lock-free.
  • Static and dynamic resource management.
  • ISO 61508 SIL-2 certified RTOS.

MCAL ,SafeTcore / SafeTlib and More..

As Infineon Preferred Design House and STMicroelectronics preferred tool partner, HighTec markets various software frameworks from these semiconductor vendors, such as AUTOSAR MCAL libraries, safety related libraries (SafeTlib) and security software.

HighTec supports its customers with design-in decisions, purchasing, technical support and in-house trainings. Project consultancy support is also provided by the experienced Apllication Engineers from the HighTec Prague office. The team has gained extensive experience at various semidonductor vendors, supporting end-users in a wide range of hardware and software challenges, including AUTOSAR based developments.

Below an overview is listed of our Infineon/AURIX focused activities.


  • MCAL configuration, review and integration in customer application framework
  • AUTOSAR Complex Driver development
  • MCAL integration with multi-core RTOS

Infineon SafeTLib for AURIX

  • SafeTLib integration in a customer application framework
  • Test framework setup and configuration

Driver development

  • Custom driver development for AURIX devices
  • Custom integration of iLLD/MCAL based drivers
  • Integration of advanced SW layers, such as Bootstrap, TCP/IP stacks, files system, etc.
  • PXROS-HR RTOS driver development

AURIX (2G) System architecture and design

  • Single-core to multi-core migration
  • Multi-core based application architecture and partitioning design
  • Porting of non-OS based applications to OS-based system
HighTec based Solutions

  • Application and build frameworks based on HighTec C/C++ compiler for TriCore
  • Build Toolchain migration into HighTec Toolchain
  • Safety multi-core real-time operating system design with PXROS-HR RTOS
  • ISO26262, IEC61508 Build Tool Qualification

UTOSAR Introduction (AUTomotiveOpen System Architecture):

  • A software development without system structure dependency
  • Facilitates encapsulation of functional SW-components
  • Reduces total SW development and service costs
  • Enabling innovation

Consulting Services

Infineon Autosar MCAL

  • MCAL Configuration review and integration in customer application framework.
  • Auto Complex Driver Development.

Infineon SafeTLib

  • SafeTLib integration in a customer application framework.
  • Test framework setup and configuration

Driver development

  • Customer Driver Development for AURIX devices.
  • Customer integration of iLLD/MCAL based drivers
  • Integration of advanced SW layers, such as Boostrap, TCP/IP Stacks, file system, ect.
  • PXROS- HR RTOS driver development.

System Architecture and Design

  • Single to multicore migration
  • Multicore-based application architecture and partitioning design
  • Porting of non-OS based apllications to OS based system.
  • Any MCU to AURIX migration

Hightec Solutions

  • Application and built frameworks based on Hightec Toolchain.
  • Built Toolchain migration into Hightec Toolchain
  • Safety Multicore real time operating system design with PXROS-HR RTOS.
  • ISO26262, IEC61508 Built Tool Qualification

Advanced Technical Training

  • Hightec Built Tools
  • Infineon SafeTLib Integration
  • MCAL (MC-ISAR) Integration
  • PXROS-HR RTOS Technical Training.
  • Using advanced AURUIX Pheipherals: GTM/MCS and HSM

Design & Support

  • Architecture migration.
  • Single to multi-core transition.
  • Driver and platform development (e.g. MCAL).
  • Real-time OS and performance optimizations.
  • Safety concepts, Qkit deployment.
  • Trainings and Workshops.

HighTec Eco system