About Gopalam Embedded Systems

Gopalam Embedded Systems Pte Ltd (GES) is an associate company of the ESA Group in India.


Leading ONE STOP PROVIDER of hardware and software solutions for the embedded systems market

GES, together with the other ESA Group of companies , offers a wide range of highly integrated hardware and software embedded solutions ranging from – Development Suites, Middle-ware Solutions, In-Circuit Debuggers/Emulators, Connectivity Solutions and Hardware Subsystems. Through our ecosystem of tools and development solutions from leading vendors across the world , we holistically support the entire development life-cycle of embedded systems from design, development, debugging to verification and validation.

GES delivers system level solutions for embedded systems including application porting, device driver development, RTOS porting to target Systems, applications in C and C++, assembly and firmware.

At GES, we aspire to support customers with our extensive knowledge and vast experience in embedded systems to help them innovate and deliver superior embedded designs. We enable our customers to concentrate on their core business problems while relying on us to quickly recommend, and build tailored solutions for their embedded development. We cater to the a broad range of needs across various verticals like automotive, aerospace, defense, education, electronics design/manufacturing, energy, industrial automation, instrumentation, medical devices, military, semiconductor and telecom/datacom.

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