Gopalam Embedded Systems, as ESA Group Company is a Leading One Stop provider for Hardware and Software Solutions for the Embedded Systems Market in Singapore, Malaysia and other ASEAN Markets

Ecosystem of Embedded Tools and Solutions

Application engineers are required to manage and take decisions on multiple design and development aspects while embarking on new product or application development. They are required to identify the right processor, suitable development tools like compilers, appropriate debugging techniques and tools, critical middleware components like RTOS, Embedded Linux, communication stacks, important security aspects to secure IP and data, ensure high performance and efficiency, and finally ensure standard and regulatory compliance.

GES's tools ecosystem consists of high tech development tools across varied 8-32 bit processors architectures and microcontrollers, that holistically support design, development and debugging processes in embedded systems. These products range from Development Suites, Middleware Solutions, Embedded Security Solutions, In Circuit Debuggers and Emulators, Connectivity Solutions, Protocol Analyzers, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes and Hardware Subsystems. GES also provides connectivity solutions for CAN, LIN, Ethernet, Multi Port Serial and Digital I/P, USB and Wireless technologies.

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