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Webinar on Verifying RTOS Applications using Deep Insight Analysis-Sept 27th

WEBINAR with Jacob Beningo

Time-to-market and reliable products - sounds like contradictive requirements. You can master both by applying the right tools and techniques. Very much dependent on the right concept - selecting the right RTOS and the use of capable tools - keeps you focusing on your application.


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GES announces its partnership with Artila. ESS aspires to add force to Artila’s mission to empower device manufactures and system integrators to realize pervasive computing by providing quality products to help our customers incorporate Ethernet connectivity, Web services and embedded computing into their products and solutions, in Singapore, Malaysia and other ASEAN regions.

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GES announces its partnership with MicroMax Computer Intelligence. MicroMax is an engineering company, designing specialized computer systems for mission critical applications, with a client base that includes the transportation industry (rail, marine and air), various industrial and manufacturing enterprises as well as financial and federal and municipal agencies. MicroMax systems are excellent for harsh scenarios such as train or marine use, limited-sheltered outdoor applications in heat and cold, and tough industrial environments with dust, dirt, and other contaminants. With this partnership GES hopes to serve customers build rugged customizable industrial systems for tough environment, in Singapore, Malaysia and other ASEAN regions.

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