High Voltage Power Monitor

Introducing 2-in-1 high precision power monitoring hardware and benchtop power supply

MONSOON High Voltage Power Monitor- a versatile and fully automatable power monitoring device which also acts as a benchtop powersupply.

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Consumers continue to demand longer battery life and lower power consumption from their electronic devices, but designing products to meet their needs can be complicated and expensive. The High Voltage Power Monitor (HVPM) from Monsoon Solutions is an essential tool for designers, engineers, quality control managers, and software developers who want to measure precisely how much power their devices are drawing.

The HVPM provides highly accurate data to help you optimize your products and meet your goals for current usage and power consumption. From consumer devices, to automotive components, to development prototypes, the HVPM can help you determine exactly how your device is performing under a variety of conditions

Convenience & Elegance: The High Voltage Power Monitor’s simple, compact design means it’s equally at home on a desk or in the lab. The Windows graphical software interface provides immediate feedback on your device’s current and power usage, all without costly lab testing.

Demo Videos

MonsoonHVPM Hardware Software Overview

Monsoon PowerTool Software Demo

Monsoon HVPM Inside the Box Setup

Software Powertool

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The High Voltage Power Monitor(HVPM) is primarily controlled via our Windows PowerTool software with additional support via API’s or command line. Use the PowerTool GUI to easily set up efficient and flexible data collection for environmental testing, quality assurance, and more.

Multiple API’s allow control and customization of all aspects of your Power Monitor, including fully-automated testing to save time and money. On Windows platforms implementations are available with .NET, COM, Python, and via command line. On Mac and Linux, a fully open-sourced Python implementation is available for your testing needs.

One can start or stop multiple PowerTool applications, connect to various Power Monitor devices, set trigger codes, start and stop sample runs, or save and load files via programmatic control, much like an interactive user can do sitting at his or her console.

Screenshot of PowerTool interface

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