Aukua Delivers Industry's First 32G Fibre Channel and 25G Ethernet SAN Delay Emulator  
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Aukua Delivers Industry's First 32G Fibre Channel and 25G Ethernet SAN Delay Emulator

  Aukua's Device is the First to Enable FC-32G End-to-End Testing of Storage Network Solutions, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Applications.  
  Aukua Systems, Inc. (, a leading provider of precision Test and Monitoring solutions, announced the release of their Fibre Channel and Ethernet SAN Delay Emulator which is the industry's first in providing 32G Fibre Channel (FC) support. This groundbreaking solution is delivered on Aukua's XGA4250 hardware platform featuring true line-rate performance and supports a RESTful API allowing full automation capabilities.

"In recent months, we have seen an increased demand from both storage network equipment makers and organizations that are developing and deploying these new high speed 32G FC storage networks. Our team has developed the functionality to meet that demand and we are thrilled that we were able to leverage our new XGA4250 platform to rapidly deliver this important solution to our customers within the promised timeframe," said Jason Nutt, Aukua's Co-Founder and President.

Aukua's delay and network impairment emulators are used to reduce risk, ensure business critical application performance and prove disaster recovery plans with real-world emulation of network characteristics and scenarios. This new product marks not only an industry-first with 32G FC support, but adds to the suite of precision test and monitoring solutions from Aukua. Aukua's MGA2510 and XGA4250 platforms offer a unique 3-in-1 test and monitoring platform that can operate as a powerful traffic generator and analyzer, connect transparently inline as a protocol analyzer and traffic monitoring system, or as a network impairment and delay (WAN) emulator.

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