PEmicro Microcomputer Systems is an industry trendsetter in hardware and software development tools for Freescale microcontrollers. PEmicro takes pride in its commitment to providing professional, low-cost development tools and prompt, knowledgeable customer support. PEmicro has production tools in addition to debug tools.

Multilink debug probes allow a PC access to the Background Debug Mode (BDM) or JTAG interface on wide range of ARM Cortex and 8-16-/32-bit devices, in order to halt normal processor execution and use the PC to control the processor. The user can then directly control the target’s execution, read/write registers and memory values, debug code on the processor, and program internal or external FLASH memory devices.

Supported manufacturers include NXP, STMicroelectronics, Cypress, Infineon, Silicon Labs, and many others. Multilink connects between a USB port on a Windows machine and the standard debug connector on the target. Microcontrollers are supported via the multiple headers located under a flip lid on the Multilink case. Ribbon cables suitable for a variety of architectures are included.

There are 3 models of Multilink: Multilink ACP, Multilink Universal, Multilink Universal Fx


All Multilink debug probes offer these standard features:

  • USB interface from PC to Multilink allows for fast, easy programming and debugging -- with the ease and compatibility of the USB interface.
  • Draws power from USB interface-- no separate power supply required (draws less than 1mA from the target).
  • Target Voltage: 1.8V-5.25V
  • Supports JTAG daisy chaining of multiple ARM MCUs
  • ARM device support includes both the JTAG and SWD protocols
  • Includes USB cable, Type A Male to Type B Male, 6-ft.
multilink acp


The Multilink Universal supports following features in addition to above stand features

  • Pipelined programming algorithms for some Power Architecture families that dramatically increase programming speed.
  • Auto-frequency detection + trimming capabilities for HCS08 devices
  • Auto-frequency detection for HC(S)12(X) devices.
  • Generates programming voltage on RESET line for RS08 devices
multilink universal


The Multilink Universal FX supports following features in addition to above Multilink ACP & Multilink features

  • High-speed USB interface from PC to Multilink allows for fast, easy programming and debugging -- up to 10X faster than the other Multilink models.
  • Can be used to power target MCU:
    • Target Voltage: 1.8V-5.25V
    • Target Frequency: 16Khz-50Mhz (applies to HCS08, RS08, CFV1, S12Z, or HCS12X only)
  • I/O line clamping for added protection
multilink universal fxl

Cyclone Programmers

Cyclone flash programmers are powerful tools for in-circuit programming, debugging, and testing of MCU devices. They can function in stand-alone mode or be controlled from a PC. Programming may be launched by a single button press without a PC, or automatically from a PC via the automated control SDK. Cyclone programmers can additionally be used as debug probes during development and are supported by many IDEs.


cyclone lc

Ethernet Based Debugging :Compatible with many development IDEs


The Cyclone FX supports following features in addition to above Cyclone LC features

  • High Speed Programming
    Download rates reaching 75 Mbits/s
  • Larger On-Board Storage
    1+ Gigabyte of encrypted internal memory stores 200+ programming images
  • Target Current and Voltage Measurement
cyclone fx

PKG Software Packages

PKG software packages bundle together PEmicro's software tools for a specific target device architecture. This typically includes an IDE, PROG programmer, ICD debugger, and REG register editor software. PROG and ICD can also be purchased individually. The IDE software is free to download. This software works with PEmicro's Multilink debug probes and Cyclone programmers. If you are looking for support/documentation for a specific software tool, please check the product page for that tool.

These packages contain software only, a separate, compatible hardware interface is required to communicate with the target device.

Hardware-Based License

The license that activates PKG software will reside on a Multilink debug probe or Cyclone programmer. The user who activates the software will choose a Multilink or Cyclone on which to permanently install the license. The allows that interface to work with PKG on any machine where a supported version of the software is installed.

Check our PKG Licensing blog post to see which part numbers/Revisions of Multilink and Cyclone are supported.

cyclone lc

WinIDE - Integrated Editor/Assembler Environment

Allows you to run external programs - including assemblers, C-compilers, debuggers, and flash programmers - in one environment, with a single hotkey for each. WinIDE comes installed with PEmicro's CASM32 assembler.

Editor features include:

  • Fully Reconfigurable
  • Allows execution of external programs
  • On-screen help
  • Assembler features include:
  • Macro support
  • S19, HEX, IEEE695 objects
  • Conditional assembly
  • Include files
  • Full listing control

PROG - Flash Programmer

Allows you to program/reprogram both internal and external flash devices in-circuit, for a specific MCU architecture. The programmer software communicates with the processor's Background Debug Mode module via any of PEmicro's compatible Multilink debug probes or Cyclone programmers (available separately).

Programmer features include:

  • Program
  • Verify
  • Blank check
  • Upload
  • Display
  • Erase

UNIT Library Modules

A UNIT software package consists of an interface DLL and sample code which allows a custom application to be built which can interact with and debug a target device via one of PEmicro's hardware interfaces. The package includes both C/C++ and Delphi example routines as well as detailed calling information for the DLL/SO. The C and Delphi modules in the UNIT Hardware Interface Library Routines come as source code which interfaces with a DLL/SO to interface to the hardware. The library is very useful for building your own custom application to do such functions as product test, calibration, and update. The demo programs included in the package show you how to initialize the interface, program registers, download code to RAM and step through code. Starting with these programs it is easy to customize them to your specific requirements.


  • Works through PEmicro's Multilink debug probes and touchscreen Cyclone interfaces.
  • Provides Interface to Debug Mode
  • Includes C/C++ and PASCAL modules
  • Source and executables provided for both C and PASCAL demos
  • Compilers supported:
  • UNITxxx and UNITxxx_DIST: MicrosoftVisual C++ 5.0 or greater, Delphi 2.0 or greater
    • - Development platform: Windows 32-bit, Windows 64-bit (XP, Vista, 7, 10).

Distribution Licenses

The UNITxxx part number includes a license to distribute the binaries (DLL/so and Drivers) to up to five target PCs subject to the conditions of the license agreement.

For a license to distribute to an unlimited number of PCs, the user will need to order the UNITxxx_DIST part number instead.


Some versions of UNIT are available in Linux, by request, for owners of the UNIT software. Please contact PEmicro for more details. Not currently available for HC16, RS08, S12Z, DSC, or MCore.

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