Stewart Platform Pro


ACROME Stewart Pro Platform is used in precision positioning applications thanks to the high sensitivity of linear actuators, gyroscope and a three-axis accelerometer.

Some of the applications are listed below.

Product Content

Package contents:

  • Mechanical System with plates and built-in IMU
  • Actuators and Motor Driver Board
  • System Controller
  • Power adapter (110 / 230 V)
  • Required cables

Professional Photography

Medical Applications

Wearable Items

Quality Assurance

Engineering Research Applications

Positioners' Algorithm Research

Programming Interface Activate

Stewart Pro Platform can be operated with any programming language supporting TCP/UDP commands available with the API. Example codes are available for Activate, C#, LabVIEW, Matlab/Simulink and Python.

A ready-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) application is available with simple motion commands for commissioning purposes.

Dimension & Workspace

Dimensions 4” Version 8” Version Options
Base Diameter (Circular) 450 mm. 450 mm. -
Platform Diameter (Circular) 320 mm. 320 mm. Custom size available down to 200 mm.
Minimum Height 406 mm. 406 mm. Smaller height available down to 350 mm.
Maximum Height 508 mm. 717 mm. More height available with longer actuators
Theta Base 25° 25° Custom geometry available.
Theta Platform 90° 90° Custom geometry available.
Workspace 4” Version 8” Version Options
Max. Travel Range X,Y +/- 60 mm +/- 100 mm
Max. Travel Range Z +/- 50 mm +/- 103 mm Motion workspace simulator is
Max. Travel Range Roll, Pitch and Yaw +/- 20° +/- 30° available for calculations.
General 4” Version 8” Version Options
System Power Requirement 12Vdc @ 40 A
Provided Power Supply 110/230 Vrms @ 15 A 50/60 Hz.
Specifications 14 kg. 15 kg.
Motion Specifications 35-Lbs Version 150-Lbs Version
Max Payload 12 kg. 35 kg. Higher capacity actuator options available
Max. Linear Speed 10 mm/sec. 40 mm/sec. -
Max. Angular Speed (Roll & Pich) 12°/sec. 40°/sec. Higher speed available with a smaller platform size
Position Repeatability -/+ 100 μm -/+ 50 μm -
Linear Sensitivity (Min. Step Size) 200 μm 100 μm -
Angular Sensitivity (Min. Step Size) 0.2° 0.2° Smaller values available with wider platform size
Duty Cycle (at max. payload) %10 %10 -
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