Delta Robot


ACROME Delta Robot with its embedded camera and replacable magnetic and capactive touch end-effectors can identify and interact with different parts.Suitable for vision guided Pick-and-Place operations, and can be used in such applications listed below.

Product Content

  • Mechanical System
  • End-effectors, camera
  • Actuators (Qty.3)
  • 3 Ch. Motor Driver and Control Boards


Tablet for Digital-Factory or Touch Panel Examples.

Quality Assurance

Engineering Research Applications

Wearable Items Test

Touch Screen Test


Forward And Inverse Kinematics Models

Trajectory Generation

Vision Acquisition And Image Processing

Programming Interface Activate

Delta Robot comes with ready-to-use example codes available in C, LabVIEW, Matlab/Simulink and Python. (Necessary software licenses should be owned by the customer).

A ready-to-use Graphical Interface (GUI) application in Windows OS is also available for executing simple robotic tasks and for commissioning purposes.

Dimension & Workspace

Base Dimensions 455 mm* 230 mm (-/+ 2 mm)
Platform Max. Height 300 mm(-/+ 2 mm)
Workspace Specifications
Max.Travel Range in X,Y -/+ 55 mm.
Max.Travel Range Z 100 mm.(-/+ 5 mm)
Optional Tablet Specs
Screen 8"
OS Android 5 or newer
Motion Specifications
Max Payload 1 kg
Max. Speed 0.166s/60°
Resolution 0.325°
General Info
System Power Requirement 12Vdc- 2A max.
Provided Power Supply Specifications 12Vdc- 3A
Weight 2.5 kg
Shipment Box Size 50x30x30 cm.
End Effector Options Electromagnet Stylus Pen
Diameter 20 mm. (-/+ 1 mm.) 5 mm. (-/+ 1 mm.)
Holding/ Press Force 25 N(10%) Variable
Sensor Details
Camera Type 1024*768 HD
Frame Rate 25 FPS
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