Power Analysis

Programmable Power Modules

HD Programmable Power Module

Replace your bench power supplies, scope and current probes with this powerful and cost-effective alternative: A fully programmable power supply and measurement tool with 12V, and 5V or 3V3 outputs.

HD Programmable Power Module

Screw Terminal Power Injection Fixture

The Screw Terminal Power Injection Fixture allows a Programmable Power Module (PPM) to inject power into a custom wiring loom.

This fixture uses pluggable screw terminals, allowing quick and easy connection to any wired device. This is ideal for custom test fixtures and similar, which do not use a standard interface.

Screw Terminal Power Injection Fixture

Gen3 Power Injection Fixtures

Allows a Power Module to inject power into Gen3 PCIe/M.2 Card.

Gen3 PCIe Power Injection Fixture

HD Adapter and Output Cables

XLC Output Cables

This cable connects to the front of a standard or XLC Programmable Power Module. It is one of a range of cables that allow you to use the power module with a range of external devices.

XLC to ATX Power Cable

Power Analysis Modules

PAM and PAM Fixtures

A revolutionary and accurate way to analyze power and control in a specific environment, the PAM shows you the real-world interaction between your host system and the device under test.

Power Analysis Module
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