HighTec Development Platform

One-Stop-Shop for Embedded Tools and Development Services

  • Trusted, German based, privately owned, independent company.
  • Embedded development tools are the core business.
  • An average 25% revenue growth year over year.
  • Open source compiler technology.
  • Major Embedded Platform supplier in automotive & industrial.


  • Highly reliable, safe and secure tools
  • Focus on multi-core/many-core next generation architecture
  • Best services, collaboration with semiconductor vendors and 3rd parties.
  • Strong in-house R&D activities, building upon OSS.
  • Guarantee long-term product availability and support commitment.
  • Vision and Mission.

HighTec Core Products

Development Platform

C/C++ Compiler

Key features of the Safety Multi-core Development Suite

  • HighTec leading optimization technology.
  • Advanced multi-core support at linker level.
  • Customer-specific Frozen Versions.
  • Long-term maintenance & availability.
  • Advanced bug scanning support.
  • Hide-and-visibility concept - interfaces between cores on linker level.
  • The proprietary solution for migrating to multi-core.
  • Application code can be ported to multi-core without source code modification.
  • Proven software can be easily migrated to multi-core silicon.
  • Based on linker level (ISO and EABI compliant) - a proprietary solution for migrating to multi-core.
  • Support of homogenous and heterogeneous Multi-Core architectures.

Qkit – Compiler Qualification Kit

For Safety Critical Applications

  • Automated qualification process and document generation.
  • Model-based approach.

Consulting Services

Design & Support

  • Architecture migration.
  • Single to multi-core transition.
  • Driver and platform development (e.g. MCAL).
  • Real-time OS and performance optimizations.
  • Safety concepts, Qkit deployment.
  • Trainings and Workshops.



Safety Multi-core Real-time OS

  • Multi-core real-time microkernel.
  • Message-based inter-task communication.
  • MPU protected data and code.
  • Interrupt lock-free.
  • Static and dynamic resource management.
  • ISO 61508 SIL-2 certified RTOS.


HighTec Eco system

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