Testwell CTC++

Key features:

  • The reference for Code Coverage in safety critical projects
  • Code coverage for all coverage levels, all compilers, all embedded targets


  • Code Coverage for all Coverage Levels
    • Statement Coverage
    • Function Coverage
    • Decision Coverage / Branch Coverage
    • Condition Coverage
    • Modified Condition / Decision Coverage (MC/DC)
    • Multicondition Coverage (MCC)
  • Code Coverage results
    • Summary Coverage Reports
      • Directory
      • Files
      • Functions
    • Execution Profile Listing
    • Untested Code Listing
    • Execution Time Listing
  • Easy Usage
    • No modifications necessary for existing code
    • Support for existing make files
    • Very fast execution speed
    • Seamless integration into common IDEs
    • Support for C and C++
  • Code Coverage with Testwell CTC++
    • Fulfill requirements of standards
    • Write better test cases
    • Avoid redundant test cases
    • Find dead code
    • Prove code coverage to your customers
    • Demand proof of code coverage from your suppliers
    • Find bottlenecks by examining runtime behaviour
  • Add-ons for Testwell CTC++
    • Support for Java
    • Support for C#
  • Qualification Kit
    • Simplify all certification processes of your projects by using the Qualification Kit for Testwell CTC++

Following standards are supported:

  • DO-178C / ED-12C
    • Software Considerations in Airborne Systems andE quipment Certification
  • IEC 61508
    • Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic Programmable Electronic Safety-related Systems
  • EN 50128
    • Railway applications - Communication, signalling and processing systems
  • ISO 26262
    • Road vehicles - Functional safety

Testwell CTC++ is:

  • The ideal tool to analyse the code coverage of your embedded targets and microcontroller
  • It can be used on hosts as well on targets
  • Very small instrumentation overhead
  • Analyses code coverage on all targets
  • Works with even the smallest targets
  • Works with any compiler/cross compiler


Coverage and other execution profiling reports can be obtained easily in straight text, HTML, XML, JSON and Excel input form.

On some environments, e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio, CTC++ use is possible directly from the compiler IDE.

testwell ctcplus

Testwell CMT++ and Testwell CMTJava

Key feature:

  • Software complexity analysis for languages C, C++, C# and Java


  • Complexity Analysis
    • McCabe Cyclomatic Complexity
    • All Lines-of-Code Metrics
    • All Maintainability Indexes
    • All Halstead Metrics
    • Complexity of source code has great impact on robustness and error-proneness of software products.
    • Complex code is hard to test, is expensive and challenging to maintain.
    • Reduce these costs by examining the complexity of your source code
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