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RFcreations is a core team of highly skilled and knowledgeable, professional engineers with decades of experience across the design and development of both RF and digital hardware, embedded, protocol stacks and UI software. Inclusive of production test for industry leading customers and partners. From semiconductors, through high-value consumer end-products to disruptive wireless connectivity eco-systems, we understand the complexities involved in the journey from 'idea' to 'production'.


A Bluetooth® Channel Sounding Application for the moreph30 hardware platform. The moreph SDR at the core, when used with a programmable switch box enables all of the tests defined in the Bluetooth Channel Sounding RF-PHY Test Specification and the Channel Sounding Layer Test Specification to be performed. Channel Sounding captures, including raw IQ data, can be exported, and shared with other users for analysis, validate your implementation now!

Key Features

  • CS test case support
  • Control and analysis tools
  • Extensive graphics including
  • Comprehensive signal distortions


A wideband 2.4 GHz signal analyser and generator. Specifically designed for PHY Layer Testing. The moreph SDR at the core enables a 2 second booth time, a full bandwidth, high dynamic range transmitter and receiver, that can simultaneously RX/TX over the entire 2.4GHz ISM band. An integrated CW signal generator covering 25MHz to 6GHz ensures that you will not require any other test equipment! Upgrade moreph30 with any of our test and measurement options, evolve it into a protocol analyser with blueSPY, or get them all - the choice is yours.

Key Features

  • Supports all bt 5.4 phy test cases
  • Channel Sounding RF-PHY (Early Adopter).
  • Very fast, reduces total test time
  • Application based gui and api


Record and playback over 3 hours of the entire 2.4GHz ISM band. Replay any section of the entire recording at your convenience. With dual control options, either via a GUI or a comprehensive Python library it will become your default reference RF test environment generator, Exactly what you need for RF site surveys, spectrum planning, interoperability, and receiver testing. Due to the moreph SDR at the core you can upgrade morephE to also be a RF- PHY Layer Tester, a blueSPY Protocol Analyser, or both at any time.

Key Features

  • Create reference rf enviroments
  • Test scenarios for bt devices
  • Advanced capabilities
  • Upgradable with applications


Industry's smallest USB powered, wideband Bluetooth® 5.4 Protocol Analyser platform. Fully featured despite its tiny 90mm x 78mm x 20mm size, and fully upgradable, due to the moreph SDR core! Runs on Windows, macOS and Linux. With concurrent capture of BR/EDR, BLE, LE Audio, Channel Sounding, IEEE 802.15.4, and the Qualcomm, QBHSL & MediaTek, mHDTV1.0, High Speed Protocols. A powerful automation API, advanced features as standard and the comprehensive, configurable blueSPY GUI, put it in your pocket today!

Key Features

  • Concurrent wideband capture
  • Channel sounding (cs) capture
  • Advanced logic analysis
  • Small & portable
  • blueSPY gui and api
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