Sumac : Smooth user-friendly measurement and calibration


Sumac is an efficient tool used for calibration, measurement and visualization of embedded control systems or ECUs. It works either offline or in real-time via XCP communication or DBC-based CAN measurement.

The intuitive and lightweight interface makes it ideal during software development, calibration, testing and validation. It is intended for all stages of the development cycle.

Acam : Automates A2L Creation And Management


Acam automates all steps of A2L creation and management in a software build, maximizing efficiency and quality by minimizing the need for human actions. A typical build chain is illustrated in the figure below. The black circles are tools in the suite.

Creator : Automatically create A2L files from C/C++ source code and ELF


Creator is a unique algorithm which creates A2L files from C and C++ code. This approach minimizes developer effort, maximizing efficiency and quality and freeing up resources which can be focussed on value-adding activities.

Creator is integrated in the build just like a compiler. This approach makes for the completely automated creation of A2L files.

A typical flowchart for Creator is shown below.

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