CANopen PC Development Tools : Professional CANopen monitor, analyzer, simulator

CANopen Magic is a versatile software tool to monitor, analyze, trace, configure, simulate and test CANopen and CANopen FD networks and devices. It contains functions for the entire lifetime of a CANopen network: from development and test to system integration and performance analysis. Use sophisticated trace filtering and node access to monitor, analyze and test all aspects of your network. Simulate nodes that are still under development.

CANopen Diagnostics and Test

The CANopen Diag is a compact, hand-held diagnostic and test device for entire CANopen networks as well as for single Devices Under Test (DUT). Being a dedicated hand-held device the CANopen Diag is especially suited for in-the-field use to perform diagnostic functions directly at machinery or vehicles.

The diagnostic functions provided include functions for the physical layer and generic CAN as well as dedicated CANopen functions. For the application profile CiA 447 several add-on functions are available.

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CANcrypt – Scalable CAN Security

Commonly used security methods for authentication and encryption/decryption on the Internet cannot be easily applied to CAN/CANopen. ESAcademy’s solution is CANcrypt, an ingenious combination of scalable security features for CAN.

The in-depth description of CANcrypt is available as book: “Implementing scalable CAN security with CANcrypt, Authentication and encryption for CANopen, J1939 and other Controller Area Network or CAN FD protocols”

CANopen Free and Paid Software Downloads

We provide some free software and utilities that are of use to Embedded Systems engineers. Some may require a CAN interface from PEAK.

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