Webinar : Axivion Suite for Safety Standard Compliance (ISO26262, IEC 61508 & IEC 62304)


Gopalam Embedded Systems Pte Ltd (GES) & Axivion invite you to an informative webinar to share insights on the important topic of Software Quality for Safety Critical Applications.

  The webinar will cover topics on the following topics  
  • Safety Standards Compliance, ASPICE Compliance

  • MISRA and AUTOSAR Code Compliance

  • Software Architecture Verification compliance

  • Key Quality Metrics for Standard Compliance and Certification

  • Importance of integrating protective software quality checks into DevOps toolchains


The webinar will present the Axivion Suite of Software Quality Tools that been assisting many key OEMs, tier-1s, systems integrators and software solution providers deliver high quality, high performing, highly reliable SAFE software for aerospace, automotive, medical, railways and other mission critical domains.

Date Thursday, July 15th, 2021
Time 2:00 PM IST, 4:30 PM Singapore Time
Planned duration 1:15 Hour + QA
Speakers   Axivion Germany
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Today across all industries, there is a high-speed race to be the “first” in market. The primary advantage, innovation and disruption has become increasingly based on software. To keep pace with the high speed of innovation with agile development cycles, fast changing market requirements and demanding timelines – most organizations are hustling to stay in the race. Software developers are primarily concerned with getting the software to “work”, then “working faster” and then “more features” to claim competitive edge while sometimes losing sight of most important aspects – Safety, Quality & Reliability in Software!


Software developers in mission critical domains with safety-critical systems must be primarily concerned with creating safe systems and not just systems that work!


Developing safety critical software can be very difficult and expensive without the right quality tools. Software development, especially in compliance with safety standards, places high demands on the consistent high quality of the components and the associated documentation. Software architecture traceability & verification, compliance with coding guidelines, software quality metrics, consistent, continuous automated checks are the essential to establish and provide evidence of safe, stringent development and quality processes.


The Axivion Suite is the Best of Class Software Quality Tool providing comprehensive solutions covering static code analysis , MISRA, CERT, AUTOSAR rule checks, Architecture Analysis and Defect Analysis. Furthermore, SGS-TÜV Saar certified the Axivion tool for safety-relevant software projects in automotive and medical technology - ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and IEC 62304.



Who Should Attend?

Project Owners Responsible for Software Safety, Quality & Reliability
Project Leaders Deploying ASPICE Model for Software Development
Safety Auditors Supervising ISO 26262/IEC 61508,62304, other safety standard implementations
Embedded Engineers Developing Safety Software

Webinar Topics

Expert Speak – Stopping Software Quality Erosion
ASPICE Development Process, Safety Standards and Certification
Axivion Software Quality Solutions
Axivion Suite Demo

  Axivion Suite  

Coding Standards, Static Analysis & Software Metrics: Coding standards, code reviews, and static analysis are all mandatory for safety software. They are cost-effective, easily automatable, and are proven ways to improve and ensure quality. However, a significant portion of the safety- critical software do not seem to be using these simple yet supremely effective checks. For system integrators, the biggest challenge is to keep us with a huge and expanding inventory of software components being supplied by independent vendors.

It would be catastrophic if a well-defined automated software acceptance process, using the best of class tools like Axivion Suite, are not put in place. It is imperative to check the code for compliance with the generally applicable programming guidelines such as MISRA, AUTOSAR or self-defined proprietary rule checks/ specifications. Software metrics, for example with respect to complexity and nesting depth, should also be checked as per compliance with acceptable threshold values.

The Axivion Suite aces on delivering the following benefits.


100 percent coverage of automatically testable rules of MISRA C & AUTOSAR C ++ 14, as well as many of the decidable rules of CERT C and CERT C ++ and ISO / IEC TS 17961


Automated checking of company-specific (proprietary) metrics and programming guidelines


Easy and Quick means to provide information about potential errors at an early stage of development means considerable time, effort, cost, time to market savings for the team.


Unique patented Static Analysis algorithms to reliably track down clones & duplicates, find potentially problematic code locations, detects style violations, and reveal cyclical dependencies. 

With continuous integration and review of the source code in the daily builds, organizations can actively safeguard their software from quality erosion.

Architecture Verification for Safety Compliance: When developing safety critical software, organizations consistently rely on the implementation of UML-based architecture. The big challenge is to keep the UML models and the implementation continuously synchronized. Due to the large number of projects and variants, a manual check is ruled out.

The Axivion Architecture Verification Tools bring immense value to automate and speedup the architecture to implementation checks during development. As soon as the implemented components deviate from the models, the software developers receive corresponding warning messages. The simple yet powerful integration into day-to-day development activities deliver huge benefits -


With automation, the entire development team is kept informed of any deviations by constantly checking the architectural specifications and modeling regulations against the actual implementation


Collaboration between architects and developers has been significantly made easier and improved, architects time is freed up to work on other important tasks, software developers can independently fix any issues with respect to deviations and moreover developers now can provide insightful feedback on any issues/gaps/misses with the planned architectures.


Reusability of subcomponents improves manifold due to clear tracking of the UML models and the component implementations which helps easily identify reusable components

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